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Wisconsin Amature Hockey Association



For Immediate Release:

After much discussion, the WEHL Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 season.  We are as disappointed as I know you are in having to make this decision.


There were many factors that came into play in making this decision that went beyond the statewide mask mandate currently in place.  Namely our inability to play multiple games in various locations across the state.  With different regulations in place for local municipalities and rinks, we were unable to build a structure that would allow us to play games consistently.


Player safety was certainly a topic that factored into our decision as well.  Health officials advised us that playing games in masks was a concern, as was potential spread of COVID-19 if masks were not worn.


We are aware, and have spoken with other WAHA programs and associations that are attempting to move forward with playing.  However, our situation is somewhat unique in that we have over 800 players registered across the state, with all practices and games played regionally in WI.  


As previously stated, we will be refunding all player registration fees.  Please be patient as we go through this process.


We would encourage all players to reach out to their local rinks and associations to see what if any local opportunities exists in your areas.


This was an extremely difficult decision for us to make.  We are all volunteers committed to keeping skaters on the ice and preparing them for their high school season.  In the end, there were just too many factors to overcome this season.  We look forward to coming back in 2021.


Thank you for your understanding and support.


Mike Moore



Wisconsin Elite Hockey League Fee Payment

Wisconsin Elite Hockey League seasons fees are posted. You can pay your team fees from the 'View Profile' section of the site or by clicking on the link below (You must be logged in to see and pay your fees):

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WEHL Alumni Registry

The WEHL Alumni Registry was assembled to recognize former WEHL players who have gone on to play hockey past high school. The number of players and the level of play those players have reached are extremely impressive. Simply click on the link below to view the registry located in the Historical WEHL News of the WEHL website.


We are a proud member of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey