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Wisconsin Amature Hockey Association


Welcome to the Wisconsin Elite Hockey!

Under the approval of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA), the WEHL was founded in 2006 to give upper level high school players the opportunity to further develop their skills while competing against players of the same skill level. The goal is to better prepare players for their upcoming high school season.

Safety - Fair - Play

Wisconsin Elite Hockey League Fee Payment

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The 2019-20 Wisconsin Elite Hockey League Season has begun!  


 For those of you new to the league, welcome and thank you for choosing to be a part of the premier Tier II before and after program for Wisconsin High School Hockey players.  For those of you that are returning, thank you again for your continued support of the league.  It takes an enormous effort from many to pull this off every year, and it couldn’t be done without your efforts!


Our mission is simple yet important:  Give upper level high school players the opportunity to further develop their skills while competing against players of the same skill level.  The goal is to better players for their upcoming high school season, we are a development league!


As with every year, we are continually trying to improve on the experience that players have with the league.  We are excited to further our relationship with the Janesville Jets NAHL program, giving our best players further opportunities to grow.  With an emphasis on creating a competitive environment for players to progress, we want to make you aware of a few points of emphasis for this year.


Any player that receives a fighting major will be automatically suspended until such time as the league Commissioner and GM’s have had a chance to review the incident.  Fighting will result in either suspension or expulsion from the league.  We expect the coaches and GM’s to uphold this standard.


We are asking that coaches place an emphasis on controlling their benches with regards to “chirping” and banging of the boards with sticks/skates.  We understand that this behavior is somewhat ingrained into our sport.  With that said, these are points of emphasis from USA Hockey and our officials will be enforcing these points.  Coaches you are in charge of the bench, we are asking that you control this behavior with your players.


Please remember that while we want to compete hard and have fun, safety and sportsmanship are our top priority.  Officials are not at our games to police our players and coaches, that is the job of the coaches, and we are confident that you will do a great job at maintaining the level of play that all have come to expect from the WEHL.


Thank you again for your role in making the WEHL the type of league that players in Wisconsin strive to play in each year.  Have a great season!


Mike Moore


Wisconsin Elite Hockey League


2018 All League



WEHL Alumni Registry

The WEHL Alumni Registry was assembled to recognize former WEHL players who have gone on to play hockey past high school. The number of players and the level of play those players have reached are extremely impressive. Simply click on the link below to view the registry located in the Historical WEHL News of the WEHL website.


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We are a proud member of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey