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Wisconsin Amature Hockey Association

WEHL Biography


Founded in 2006 and entering our eleventh season the WEHL has continued to evolve providing upper level high school players the opportunity to further develop skills and compete in a league with like talented players. The goals of the WEHL are clear:

  • player development
  • experienced coaching
  • allow the student athlete to compete in fall sports and other high school activities
  • Stay at home, compete at a high level, and play for your hometown high school
  • limited travel
  • cost competitive
  • exposure to Team Wisconsin

The WEHL coaching staffs are directed and understand the objective of developing players in a competitive and learning environment. To complement the excellent coaching, competitive practices and league play, the WEHL provides exposure to its players with age group specific invitational tournaments, which includes all WEHL teams along with top level Tier II teams from throughout the country, and an opportunity for returning U18 age players to be selected to participate in a spring Elite Exposure Tournament. Additionally, the WEHL Board of Directors and coaches are in constant contact with the 14U, 15U,  16U and 18U Team Wisconsin representatives providing them with information on potential players for their teams.

Having a before and after¯ season format allows the WEHL to complement, not compete, for players at the youth hockey or high school level. So, if you are a Wisconsin youth or high school player who wants to take your game to the next level, the WEHL is just the place to take that next step!

For registration and tryout information, go to our website link for exact details and click on the age group that applies to you.


We are a proud member of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey