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Wisconsin Amature Hockey Association

2019-2020 Team List

Team NameHead CoachTeam Manager
14U SouthCentral
14U SouthEast
14U NorthCentral
14U NorthEastBill Sunagel Sr
14U SouthWest
14U WesternMick Podruch
16U SouthCentral
16U SouthEast
16U NorthCentral
16U NorthEastDennis Bradley
16U SouthWest
16U WesternEric Mueller
18U SouthCentral
18U SouthEast
18U NorthCentral
18U NorthEastDustin Klitzke
18U Western
Girls 16U SouthCentralBrandon Ballweg
Girls 16U SouthEast
Girls 16U NorthEast
Girls 16U SouthWest
Girls 16U NorthCentral
Girls 18U SouthCentralToby Kinsler
Girls 18U SouthEast
Girls 18U NorthCentral
Girls 18U NorthWest


We are a proud member of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey